Self Pay Price list

Office Visit                                                $50 Cash ONLY ($55 Credit/Debit Card)

Telemedicine (Phone Office Visit)                                               $45 Credit Card 

Sports Physical                                         $50 Cash ONLY ($55 Credit/Debit Card)

School/Work/Scout Camp Physical              $50 Cash ONLY ($55 Credit/Debit Card)

Foster Care Physical (Brighter Future, Open Arms)                                      $50 

Female Pelvic Exam and Pap Smear                                                         $125

All medical visits can be paid using Visa, Master, Discover, and cash. No check is accepted. A $5 discount will be given if visit is paid by cash. All services fees and copay are due before the visit. Any laboratory tests if needed will be additional cost.


No narcotic, adderall, suboxone or methodone is prescribed in Salt Lake City Urgent Care and Walk in Clinic. Please refer to pain and specialist clinic. 

Rapid 5 Minute Laboratory Tests
Urine HCG Pregnancy Test
Urinalysis (Full 10 Panels)
Strep Test