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"I always get a bronchitis or pneumonia almost every winter! I never know why and don't know what to do with it. I went to many different doctors, I get better then but it always come back. Finally, I came to Dr. Ying. She taught me how to treat the disease but most importantly, the cause of it and how to prevent it. She is so patience and spend time in teaching me my illness and the medications she put me on. Dr. Ying is a well of medical information!"

- Linda, L. from Cedar City, Utah.

"Dr. Ying's Clinic is the only medical clinic I found that takes care of the uninsured. They provide excellent quality of medical care to uninsured patients like me but very reasonable cost. I did not have to go through any income check or whatsoever. Furthermore, they gave me a prescription with discount code on it. So the pharmacy gave me a huge discount on my prescription medicine. They are the savior for the uninsured!"

- Francie, S. from Salt Lake City, Utah.

"I have never been to another doctor that is so careful with diagnosing and treating patients. She asked me very carefully about my allergy history, medical and surgical history which no other doctor had ever done to me before. When prescribing medication to me, she actually checked if that medicine could be contraindicating with other medicines I am taking. I have never had another doctor being so safe and careful in treating patient! Additionally, she told me things to do to prevent the possible side effects from the medicine!"

- John, M. from Provo, Utah.

"I had a skin condition for over 3 years and I had been to my regular doctor, another family medicine doctor and a dermatologist. But nothing had worked! I finally came to Dr. Ying and she healed me. Now my skin condition had completely cleared up! I am so glad I found her! Thank you Dr. Ying for helping me!"
- Susan, J from Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Dr. Ying's Clinic is the BEST Clinic I have ever gone to! The doctor is the best doctor I have ever had. She is so nice and I want her to be my family doctor from now on!"

- Christine, J. from Millcreek, Utah.

"I have has a yeast infection for over 10 years! It gives me a constant pain in my abdomen everyday and due to that, I CANNOT do anything! I am fatigue, tired and easily irritated from the constant pain. I had been to more than a dozen of doctors, specialists, you name it etc ... I tried many imaginable to unimaginable traditional or alternative treatment to take away the pain. Fiona took care of the problem. She puts me on some herbs and now my life is BACK! Thank you SO MUCH for taking my over 10 years of pain away!"
- Abby, C. from Rocksprings, Wyoming.


Urgent Care Hours:
1pm - 5pm  Mon, Wed & Fri

(By appointment)


Urgent Care Walk in Hours:
12pm - 6pm  Tues, Thur 

1pm - 4pm Sat


Telemedicine (Phone Visit) Hours:
12pm - 6pm  Mon to Sat
(By appointment)



3090 E 3300 S Suite 100
(South side of street, Behind Millcreek Cafe

1 minute from Highway I-80

Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Tel: (801)864-0142 (Call or Text)

Open 6 days a week



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