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$50 Phone Office Visit (Telemedicine)

Telemedicine | Urgent Care
- Flat Fee. No after bill.
- Same Hour/Same Day Phone Appointment     with Dr. Ying
- Prescriptions will be called into your        
- Available Mon to Sat 12pm to 6pm
- Excellent, Professional Care
- Save your drive time and get better while    
  staying home!

How does telemedicine (Phone Office Visit) work?

1. Call or Schedule your appointment Online

2. Receive a phone call from Dr. Ying

3. Basic demographics, medication allergies, medical & surgical history and your illness will be discussed

4. Pay your visit with any credit card and get your receipt by email or text

5. Receive a text message when your prescriptions are called in

6. Pick up your prescriptions and get better

What conditions can be treated by telemedicine (Phone Office Visit)?

Acne   Allergies   Anxiety   Bladder Infections (UTI)   Bronchitis   Cellulitis (Skin Infection)   Cold Sores   Cough   Depression Diarrhea   Eczema   Erectile Dysfunction   Gum Infection   Insomnia   Pink Eye (Viral/Bacterial Conjunctivitis)   Poison Ivy Rash   Prescription Refills   Psoriasis   Rashes   Ringworm   Sinusitis   Smoking Cessation   Sore Throat   Swimmer’s Ear   Tooth Infection   Upper respiratory Infections (URI)   Vaginal Infections   Yeast Infection and more

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"I love this place, it is now my #1 to-go clinic!!! They are extremely reasonable, nice environment, excellent atmosphere, along with people that feel like they truly care about you!! Would recommend this place to everyone and anyone I run into!!!"


Keisha, D. from Salt Lake City, Utah.

"I had to have serious sinus infection looked at (and had no regular provider at the time), and was able to get a same-day appointment.

Dr. Ying treated me, and offered very personable, compassionate, knowledgeable, and efficient care. I had my scrip for antibiotics and healed up within 4-5 days.

Dr. Ying even made a follow-up call the week after my appointment to see if I was getting better!

This practice was a lifesaver, when I was in the middle of providers with no health benefits. I hope both doctors continue to build a huge practice and that it thrives.


Alexandra, L. from Portland, Oregon.

"I came to Dr. Ying feeling very sick, fatigue and not sure what's wrong with me. Dr. Ying was very caring and spend a much longer time than any doctor would listening to me, asking very detailed questions and a very complete physical examination. I was found to have kidney infection when I had no bladder infection symptoms. If I hadn't gone to see Dr. Ding, I would have not gotten better. She is so knowledgeable in medicine! Even though I have to drive over an hour to see her, she is the only doctor I would trust. I have faith in her medical knowledge! Thank you for getting me better!"


Sherrie, H. from Ogden, Utah.

"Dr. Fiona Ying is amazing! Best most compassionate dr, I've ever seen..she spent an hour and a half with me, learning my history...she truly cares about everyone.. I'm so thankful and humbled to have found her..and today I'm trying acupuncture there for the first time!!:).. I know it will be great:)"


Sara, B. from Tualatin, Oregon.

"My wife and I just had a great experience. She had a minor rash near her eye from an insect bite on a bike ride. Came in after hours, waited for 2 minutes, Dr. Ying treated her in 20 minutes, $4 prescription, $50 office visit, completely healed the next day."


John, K. from Salt Lake City, Utah.

"This place was really great. I went to a few places for my sore throat and was told it was just a virus but it was getting worse so I decided to try this place. She was so nice and did everything she could to help me she prescribed me antibiotics that are helping and it was nice not hearing its just a virus not only that she drove to meet us there in the snow since everywhere else was closed. I highly recommend this place."


Corina, G. from Salt Lake City, Utah.


Urgent Care Hours:
1pm - 5pm  Mon, Wed & Fri

(By appointment)


Urgent Care Walk in Hours:
12pm - 6pm  Tues, Thur 

1pm - 4pm Sat


Telemedicine (Phone Visit) Hours:
12pm - 6pm  Mon to Sat
(By appointment)



3090 E 3300 S Suite 100
(South side of street, Behind Millcreek Cafe

1 minute from Highway I-80

Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Tel: (801)864-0142 (Call or Text)

Open 6 days a week



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